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Are You Dealing with Hard Water? A Long Grove Water Filtration Company Helps You Decide

Limescale buildup on a sink in Long Grove, IllinoisIn the northeastern portion of Illinois, hard water is extremely common. This is because the area’s soil is filled with calcium and magnesium, which are the two minerals that make water “hard” in the first place. These minerals are transferred from the soil to the water, thereby making it hard.

Think you might be dealing with hard water in your home? Below, this Long Grove water filtration company is going to help you decide if that’s the case.

Is Your Water Pressure Lower Than It Used to Be?

One sign that you might be dealing with hard water is that your water pressure is lower than it used to be. The reason this might occur is that calcium and magnesium particles could be building up on the insides of your water pipes. These minerals could be restricting the pipes, making it more difficult for water to flow through them.

Over time, this problem can become so severe that the inside of the pipe closes off entirely. When this occurs, the pipe will need to be replaced.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop this problem in its tracks. All you need to do is install a water softener. A water softener will remove the calcium and magnesium particles from your water supply, reducing pipe build up substantially.

Is There a White Powder on Your Shower Heads?

Another sign that you might be dealing with hard water in Long Grove is that there’s a white powder on your shower heads. This powder is known as limescale, and it’s a small collection of calcium and magnesium particles that get left behind after hard water evaporates.

There are two ways to get rid of limescale buildup. One is to wipe it off with a rag whenever you start to notice it. The other is to install a water softener. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, the second option should appeal to you.

Is Your Skin or Hair Dry?

One of the most publicized problems associated with hard water is the problem of dry skin and hair. The calcium and magnesium particles within hard water cause the skin pores to clog. As a result, the body can’t secrete its natural oils.

This prevents the skin and hair from getting the moisture they need. Therefore, after some time, they start to dry out. In severe of cases, this can lead to issues like eczema, acne, split ends, etc. However, in most cases, it will just leave you feeling a little dry and itchy.

Tired of dealing with this issue? Installing a water softener is the solution!

Do You Lack Soap Suds?

Do you find yourself wanting for more suds every time you go to wash your hands? If so, the quality of your water is likely the issue.

Hard water and soap don’t mix well. The calcium and magnesium in the water prevent the soap from reacting as it normally would. As a result, soap suds are kept to a minimum.

This can be frustrating, and it can also affect your ability to thoroughly clean things. If you want to get past this problem, you should consider installing a water softener.

Need the Help of a Water Filtration Company in Long Grove, Illinois?

Are you dealing with hard water in your home? Need the help of a water filtration company in Long Grove, Illinois? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning can assist you.

We have installed water softeners in numerous homes throughout the Long Grove area, and our water purification specialists would be happy to do the same in yours. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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