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Water Conditioning and Water Softening Services in South Elgin, IL

Water softener system at a house in South Elgin, IllinoisWhen water is brought up from the soil, a variety of minerals, chemicals, and bacteria come with it. Some of these are inconsequential, while others can have some fairly noticeable negative effects.

While municipal water treatment centers will clean their respective towns’ water supplies, they won’t remove all of the aforementioned minerals and chemicals. Fortunately, however, you can. All you need to do is install water conditioning systems.

Are you interested in learning more about water conditioning and water softening services in South Elgin, Illinois? We here at Johnson Water Conditioning Company can help. Read below to learn about our services.

Reverse Osmosis Services

When water is brought up from the ground, a variety of contaminants come along with it. These can vary from minerals, to chemicals, to bacteria, and more, all of which can affect the taste, smell, and consistency of the water.

While water treatment centers help to eliminate some of these contaminants, they don’t eliminate them all. This is where the reverse osmosis system can be a huge help. This system is designed to remove all contaminants from a water supply. Though it’s not 100% successful, it’s very close, leaving your water pure, smooth, and highly drinkable.

A reverse osmosis system can give your home a steady stream of high-quality drinking water at all times.

Water Softening Services

In the South Elgin area, water has a reputation for being “hard”. What this means is that it’s filled with excess amounts of calcium and magnesium. These minerals aren’t unsafe for consumption, but they can cause a variety of problems.

Problems caused by hard water include a lack of soap suds, skin and hair issues, limescale buildup, and pipe blockage, to name just a few. Want to avoid these problems as much as possible? Utilizing water softening services is key.

By installing a water softener in your home, you can remove all of the calcium and magnesium from your water supply. When calcium and magnesium are out of the picture, the aforementioned problems will be eliminated. Call your local water purification company today to get the ball rolling!

Iron Filtration Services

If you get your water from a well, it might contain excess amounts of iron and manganese. These two minerals can have adverse effects on water, negatively altering its taste and its consistency, and causing it to become a staining agent that marks everything from clothing to shower walls.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to remove iron and manganese from a home’s water supply. The solution is to install an iron filtration system, which is a non-chemical system that filters out iron and manganese as water passes through it. As always, your local water purification company would be happy to install one in your home.

Chemical Injection Services

There’s another device that can remove iron and manganese from well water, as well as hydrogen sulfide and coliform bacteria. This is known as a chemical injection system.

These systems inject chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine into a water supply, neutralizing the aforementioned contaminants. In doing so, they eliminate bad smells, poor tastes, staining capabilities, and even potentially harmful elements. If you’re looking to purify your well water, a chemical injection system is your best option.

Need Water Conditioning and Water Softening Services in South Elgin?

If you’re looking to install water conditioning systems or water softeners in South Elgin, Illinois, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning can help. As the premier water conditioning company in the South Elgin area, we have installed water purification systems for countless homeowners.

Regardless of your water conditioning needs, our team can accommodate you. Contact us today to get started!

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