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Understanding the Need for Water Purification; Thoughts from a Water Softener Company in Wood Dale, Illinois

Water softening system at a house in Wood Dale, IllinoisIn Wood Dale, and all throughout Northeastern Illinois, the water contains an excessive amount of calcium and magnesium particles. As a result, this water is said to be “hard.” In other words, it possesses a variety of characteristics that make it less desirable than its “soft” water counterpart.

Fortunately, there’s a system that can remove calcium and magnesium from water, making it soft. Aptly named, this system is known as a water softener, and in the Wood Dale area, it’s a near necessity. Are you wondering why you might need a water softener in your home? We’re going to explain the reasons in detail below.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Use a Water Softener?

Water softeners provide a number of benefits and can vastly improve the quality of your water. If you don’t use a water softener in a hard water area like Wood Dale, you’re bound to encounter the following problems:

Mineral Buildup in Pipes

When calcium and magnesium are present in water, they tend to stick to the sides of water pipes. Over time, this can lead to massive buildup. In mild cases, this can lead to a reduction in water pressure. In extreme cases, it can lead to full-on water restriction.

By installing a water softener, you can remove calcium and magnesium from your water, thereby preventing pipe buildup over time.

Appliance Buildup

Not only do calcium and magnesium build up inside of water pipes, but inside of water-based appliances as well. This can lead not only to efficiency issues, but to a reduced appliance lifespan also.

The solution is to use a water softener. A water softener will remove the calcium and magnesium from your water supply, keeping these minerals out of your water-based appliances.

Skin and Hair Stress

Calcium and magnesium are hard minerals that don’t play nice with human skin and hair. Not only do they clog skin pores, preventing the secretion of vital body oils, but they also stiffen up the hair. This can lead to problems like split ends and hair breakage.

By removing calcium and magnesium from your water supply, you are effectively taking a great deal of stress off of your body. Your skin will feel smoother, your hair will feel softer, and you might even be able to eliminate problems such as acne and eczema.

A Lack of Soap Suds

Have you ever gone to wash your hands, but you can’t produce any suds when you rub the soap and water together? This is due to hard water! The calcium and magnesium in your water are preventing the chemical reaction between the soap and water, thus reducing the number of soap suds substantially.

If you want more soap suds, you should install a water softener. It will remove the calcium and magnesium from your water, instantly allowing you to produce more soap suds.

Limescale Buildup

Limescale buildup is a white, powdery substance that shows up on metal water-based entities like sinks and faucets. It’s essentially just a collection of calcium and magnesium particles, both of which are left behind on surfaces after hard water evaporates. Want to get rid of limescale? A water softener is the solution.

Ready to Install a Water Softener in Wood Dale, Illinois?

Are you convinced? Ready to install a water softener in Wood Dale, Illinois? If so, we here at Johnson Water Conditioning are the people to see.

Our experts have installed water softeners in a number of Wood Dale homes. Regardless of the size of your water supply, we can help you. Contact us today to get the process started!

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